Since time immemorial diamonds have fascinated humankind. No wonder then, they have been tagged as miniature stars, tears of God and fortune changers. Estrella Jewels, through its innovative designs, impeccable workmanship and stunning finish has added yet another tag to this long list - divine beauties.

Our confidence stems from our reservoir of creativity, from our spirit of artistic adventure and yearning for perfection. We are fearless when it comes to customized designs, and therefore tread the path which has never been travelled before. It simply means we create trends instead of following one.

Our inspiration has always been “nature” and its stunning elements while the hunger for flawless detailing keeps the creative juices of our design team flowing, in perpetuity. Even our mass produced diamond jewelry reflects class and unique character. As for our signature diamond jewellery, our customers will vouch for our craftsmanship.

We consider diamond jewelry designing an art. It is this belief which allows us to walk that extra mile along the creative path to produce designs which at times are a fusion of classic and contemporary fervour and at times reflection of a compelling emotion.

All this is possible because of our dedicated craftsmen, unrelenting pursuit for excellence, fine machinery and a development team which has never encountered the word “Impossible”. Our artisans understand just one language - the language of perfection. Therefore, Estrella Jewels offers not just rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets; it offers a legacy which can be left behind with great pride.

Custom design is our forte. It pumps up our adrenalin and brings out the best in us. Get in touch, and we promise to sow the same seeds of excitement around your customers too. We don't just export diamond jewelry, we build metaphors of beauty.

Every enterprise builds a virtual mirror, an artificial horizon for that perceptual experience of seeing their business down a definite timeline. Even we have built that "Mirror" which reminds everyone associated with Estrella Jewels of the following nonnegotiable and unshakable goals

  • To establish greater trust and enhance the brand value of Estrella Jewels.
  • Embrace changes wholeheartedly. At Estrella Jewels we'd want to become pioneers of changes, bring in paradigm shift and thereby increase market leadership.
  • Build and execute newer business strategies for greater operational excellence which in turn will allow us to exceed in our objectives.
  • Create excellent knowledge hub that will allow us to optimize resources.

Like vision, every business has its own set of objectives too. At Estrella Jewels we are committed to excellence; while creating superlative designs has been our motto. Mentioned below are not just our mission statements - it reflects our love for designing and manufacturing jewellery

  • To develop radical designs that will evolve into symbols of fashion statement, elegance, impeccable workmanship and absolute quality.
  • To learn and imbibe newer designing and development techniques which will help us offer our customers unprecedented range of fine jewellery.
  • Unwavering commitment to high designing and manufacturing standards.
  • Spread love and happiness through aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind product/s.
  • We aim to redefine industry standard designs and quality score through path breaking strategies.
  • Transparency and Empowerment - At Estrella Jewels we practice what we preach, and therefore just like our jewellery even our values are reflective in nature.
  • Professional Integrity - Whether it is designing, manufacturing, procuring raw materials and interacting with our talented and creative work, at Estrella jewels we are always in sync with our moral values.
  • Excellence - We are expressive, inspired and progressive, and therefore execute strategies radically different from our competitors. These virtues allow us to stand on the success podium all the time, winning the heats of our competitors and customers; just like our embellishments.
  • Our strength lies in catering to the demands of a broad spectrum of buyers. Jewellery is based on contemporary & traditional architecture, and we feel proud to satisfy such diverse tastes.
  • Our unblinking focus has always been to offer solutions which are customer-centric. It translates into growing database of happy customers which in turn provides more leads and every growing number of new clients.
  • Yet another factor which we are fanatic about is the quality assurance. This simply means every jewellery piece undergoes quality and performance tests at every stage of production. We have set high standards for these metrics which are not negotiable under any circumstances.
  • At Estrella Jewels we have a family of vendors who have catered to our requirements for a long time. Therefore, we are able to craft jewellery from raw materials that are top class, competitive and genuine. We pass on this competitive edge to our customers through fair pricing vis-à-vis other manufacturers.
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