Estrella Jewels is all about distinctiveness. We maintain this individuality by imbibing innovative practices and ethical work culture. These twin values set us apart from others when it comes to the art of designing and manufacturing fine adornments. Some of our other unique points are -

  • Designing - We don't say we are best, because the term ‘best’ is relative, especially in the jewellery industry that evolves rapidly. At Estrella Jewels we just strive hard to provide the best we can. As for the accolades the long list of repeat customers is the proof that we doing all right. We aim to design jewellery that have not been perceived before, and boast the tag ‘Made in India’.
  • Attractive Price Point - We are not cheap but then we are not outrageously pricey. When it comes to the burning subject of price point we maintain a remarkable balance, but not at the cost of quality and trust, our essential core values. We have built comprehensive control mechanisms at every stage of manufacturing which allows us to offer our customer an alluring price tag.
  • Trust & Quality Assurance - As mentioned above we are quality fanatics. Most of our raw materials are purchased from vendors who are as finicky about quality as we are. This simply translates into resources that are highly rated. Moreover, our base metals are BIS certified and the diamonds that we use to craft our jewellery are certified by International Gemmological Institute / Gemmological Institute of America which are “God-like” institutions when it comes to hallmarking and accreditation.
  • Practices - We follow unique amalgamation of traditional and modern jewellery making practices. This allows us to produce only the best designs. At Estrella Jewels, we boast a deep understanding of our customers’ markets; a virtue which is like a muse to us. It inspires us to walk that extra mile to create one of a kind jewellery.
  • Global Distribution - Our fine jewellery is available via premier and regional chains across major markets such as UK, EUROPE & AUSTRALIA
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