Diamonds have always been a symbol of love, of unparalleled commitment, of divine beauty, of eternal relationship. These dazzling beauties have also been treasured as heirloom and good luck charm. So why not gift a diamond studded embellishment to your loved ones and express similar emotions? Custom design service at Estrella Jewels LLP can help you morph your invisible shades and tones of love into reality.

Talk to us about your ideas. The way you want to craft your symbolic gesture. Discuss your requirement. We care for passion simply because we too are passionate about our business. Our design experts can help you choose the right combination of base metal, number of diamonds, weight (Carat) and form factor. With decades of experience our experts can add additional wings of sublime beauty to your virtual thought. Based on your inputs we will convert those thoughts into pictures, actually a full colour illustration. Every detail will be taken care of. In case you are not satisfied with the final sketch we will edit the same till we see that satiated look on your face.

We will convert this single dimensional, one of a kind idea into 3D design, offering four different perspectives using the most sophisticated CAD machine. Like a sculptor we use our experience and fine tools to build a simulated yet realistic design that offers a glimpse of your beautiful thought and your set of emotions. Our custom design speciality service converts ideas into living splendours in fifteen days. We can personalise your gift further by engraving a quote, thought or simply a message from you. If you wish we can add this message in a hidden area. Only your beloved one can read it.

If you believe in the anthem of beauty then will provide that song. So, come to Estrella Jewels, the house of unmatched bespoke diamond jewellery.

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