Keep your Jewellery Sparkling for a Lifetime

ESTRELLA JEWELS relates a piece of jewellery to a time capsule, made to enjoy and to capture that special moment in life. “You want to remember your accomplishments or your romance”. It is one of the few things you can enjoy in your life, and even pass it as an heirloom for generations to come. Use these cleaning and care tips to extend the life, shine and sparkle of your jewellery. 

Clean regularly

Clean your jewellery at home to avoid dirt buildup that can increase wear, but with due precaution. It is always best to use professional jewellery cleaners. Always carefully read and follow directions of any cleaning solutions you use. In a pinch you can use warm soapy water and a soft tooth brush. Accidents happen, always stay away from open sinks and drains when cleaning your jewellery. We see this everywhere on the internet, the old wives tale to use toothpaste to clean your jewellery and watches is absolutely a terrible idea. You may get your jewellery clean but toothpaste is an abrasive and will dull any highly polished metal finish and ruin softer gemstones.

Store safely and gently

When you’re not wearing your jewellery, place each item in a separate soft compartment or container. Storing jewellery cluttered together can cause scratches. Never hang necklaces as that can cause them to stretch. It not a good idea to wear your jewellery to bed, carry around loose in your purse or pocket either. Be careful when using ring holders or jewellery dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other, which can cause damage.

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